1/A company is storing an access key (access key ID and secret access key) in a text file on a custom AMI. The company uses the access key to access DynamoDB tables from instances created from the AMI. The security team has mandated a more secure solution.Which solution will meet the security team’s mandate?

公司将访问密钥(访问密钥ID和秘密访问密钥)存储在自定义AMI上的文本文件中。该公司使用访问密钥从AMI创建的实例中访问DynamoDB表。 安全团队已强制要求使用更安全的解决方案。哪种解决方案可以满足安全团队的职责?

2/A company is developing a highly available web application using stateless web servers. Which services are suitable for storing session state data? (Select TWO.)

公司正在使用无状态Web服务器开发高可用性Web应用程序。 哪些服务适合存储会话状态数据? (选择两个。)

3/Company salespeople upload their sales figures daily. A Solutions Architect needs a durable storage solution for these documents that also protects against users accidentally deleting important documents.Which action will protect against unintended user actions?

公司销售人员每天上传其销售数据。 解决方案架构师需要针对这些文档的持久存储解决方案,该解决方案还可以防止用户意外删除重要文档。哪个操作可以防止意外的用户操作?

4/An application requires a highly available relational database with an initial storage capacity of 8 TB. The database will grow by 8 GB every day. To support expected traffic, at least eight read replicas will be required to handle database reads.Which option will meet these requirements?

应用程序需要具有8 TB初始存储容量的高可用性关系数据库。数据库每天将增长8 GB。为了支持预期的流量,将至少需要八个只读副本来处理数据库读取。哪个选项可以满足这些要求?

5/A Solutions Architect is designing a critical business application with a relational database that runs on an EC2 instance. It requires a single EBS volume that can support up to 16,000 IOPS.Which Amazon EBS volume type can meet the performance requirements of this application?

解决方案架构师正在设计一个关键业务应用程序,该应用程序具有在EC2实例上运行的关系数据库。它需要单个EBS卷,最多可支持16,000 IOPS。哪种Amazon EBS卷类型可以满足此应用程序的性能要求?